Ilham Wahabi

Frontend Developer
 Tobias Lins  Already delete my project before, but I will mail it when I plan to rename domain again. Thanks for your response.
 Tobias Lins  thank you again! BTW I think this should added to the docs isn't? 
 Tobias Lins  thanks, it works. Any idea how to achieve the same with Vercel? Looks like we don't have rewrite configuration there, so is that not possible?
 Tobias Lins  I hope you don't mind if I'm asking this here. If we are not using neither Next.js nor Netlify, are we should using Cloudflare to handle proxy?

For example using create-react-app or hosted in
 Tobias Lins   Thanks for your help, it works now.

I think I just confused since I don't know what is /bee.js and /_hive
the guide:
my website:

Seems there is bug in this platform, I can't edit the post