Need an Indicator for Event Sorting

On the Users page it is confusing to see the list of events since the order is not clear. If the list is long enough, I can look at other events to understand the sort order - but this is rare. I think a text saying “recent on top” would help. Sorting by Time would also be great to have for situations when the landing page / first event needs to be known without scrolling through. 😊
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SOLVED: Responsive Layout Issue

Hey guys, you’re probably aware of it, but just so you know the responsive viewport setting is gone. I’m seeing the desktop layout on mobile now. Hope this was not intentional.

Hello Splitbee Community! 👋

My name is Karma and I've been using Splitbee for my side-projects since the past few weeks. One of it is a QR code generator called Share By Cam (

I learnt about Splitbee on Twitter and have been migrating more of my projects to it since. I especially love its frictionless onboarding process.

I'm happy to be a part of this community. I got excited and posted a few feature requests already. I am on Twitter here: See you around!
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More Statistics Around Returning Users

I think it would be great to have another card on the Dashboard for Returning Users. Alternatively we can have an All Users graph in addition to the Unique Users card, with stacked bars that show both all and returning users at once (example: Additionally, a percentage of returning users / retention over the selected period in the card would be great.
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SOLVED: Add Manifest to

Adding a manifest to (as there is one on will enable users to add the web app as a native app (without the browser frame). An example of a good manifest is attached. Also attached is how the main site and the web app differ from each other due to manifest.
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