Dominik Sumer

Co-Founder of
🧑‍💻 I love to create state-of-the-art webapps 🌱 striving to build/learn in public 🚀 Co-Founder of

Hey fellow bees! 🐝👋

My Name is Dominik and I am a Web Developer from Austria 🇦🇹. I strive to learn and build in public and I am currently building together with  Anki . An upcoming project is already in the pipeline. 😁

Since I tried out Splitbee, I am using it for every website and webapp I created since then (for example my blog at It's so easy to work with and with NextJS it's also simple to reroute all the calls over your own domain. The product itself looks beautiful and delivers all the informations I need about my users. Additionally I love the motivation and instant DM replies from  Tobias Lins  which solved every problem I had in minutes!  

Splitbee is a great product and the fact that it's being made in Austria lets me live out my patriotism 😂 .. you're doing an awesome job, keep going!
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✅ Blacklist by User ID

Currently it's only possible to blacklist by the IP Address, which is not really working for me, especially on my mobile phone. I would like to blacklist based on the UserID, to make sure none of my requests / events are tracked.
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