David Lauchenauer

CMO for Indiebrands.io

[Fixed] hidden dropdown interfered with the users/date picker

While using Splitbee I often tried clicking on the latest date and many times the dropdown for selecting the timeframe interfered with pressing the day.(Even though it’s not visible) This didn’t happen once or twice but pretty often. (probably daily but that’s on me for being analytics addicted)
As you can see in the screenshots below, if I press a little higher I get the last 30days & if I go lower i get 6 months.
would be great if you guys could look into it! Thanks 💕

Layout shift mobile after highlighting the "date"

Nothing app-breaking but I've often had this issue in the past few days.
When I hover over the columns to see the amount of pageviews or visitors we had, it highlights the data field which than somehow leads to an layout shift. Moving the number of page views out of sight.
As you can see in this image. 

referral sources - reddit?

Hi, do you guys automatically track Reddit referrals or do I have to work with custom referral links?