Roman Kuba

Engineering Manager, GitLab
Attempting to build stuff

Custom Report Email Targets per Project

When managing multiple projects, it would be amazing to add custom report email addresses per projects.

i.e. If you're maintaining a project for someone else, it would be amazing to send a report to them.

I would expect this is a feature you can also monetize!

GDPR Guidelines

I sadly don't find any clear guidelines or statements about Splitbee regarding GDPR regulations.
On Twitter I saw there is a `no-cookie` mode, but I don't find anything in the docs, and I would be at ease if there is at least a statement if it's compliant or not. 

Or do I need to add cookie information to any website using Splitbee? If I can avoid it, I'd love to as I don't want to spam everyone with a `consent` information on a SPA