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Rename Users Manually / Add Alias

Would love to have a feature where I can simply rename / add an alias to the user in user view so I can recognize them in the future. (still keep unique id, display only the alias)
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Splitbee User Entry & Exit points / Events

Hey Fam!
Here is something that has been on my mind for quite a while now.
Id love to see Entry & Exit points be introduced to the Splitbee single user dashboard making it easily understandable at first glance.
This would be especially beneficial when you need to track down single users and their paths, where they came from and where they are going.
Id love to track users exiting my site to for example. This is especially helpful for understanding how my affiliate system is performing and where to improve.
Introducing an "Exit Event" would let me filter users by their exit points which would help me improve my overall site performance and monitor my funnels.

I added some quick css tweaks below as a demo on what that could look like.

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Affiliate Program for Splitbee

Do you have a plan on implementing an Affiliate program?
Would be very neat to have and I am sure quite a few people would appreciate :)
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No Code Tracking for buttons/forms with splitbee

I want to track button clicks & forms without having to manually add code to my site. It would be very convenient if I could select a form/div/button on my website and get it tracked automatically maybe even with suggestions of what can be tracked.
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