Tobias Lins

Founder, Developer
Currently building 🐝

What are your automation use-cases?

Tell us what you are using automations for and inspire others!
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I'm Tobi, the founder of Splitbee 🙂

Glad to see you all here. We're always open to feedback to bring Splitbee to the next level!

While I'm not working on Splitbee, I'm maintaining some Open Source projects &!
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Welcome to the Splitbee Community

Hey everyone 👋

This is the right place for all people that use Splitbee, the friendly all-in-one analytics tool
If you are new here, feel free to introduce yourself in the introduction channel. We are happy to learn about who you are, what you are working on and how you found out about Splitbee.

🏠  General - A casual channel for discussions around Splitbee.
🚀 Product Updates - This is where we post updates we shipped to Splitbee.
😍 Feature Requests - Have ideas for new features? Post and discuss them here.
Questions & Help - Have questions? Not sure how something works. Feel free to ask your questions here.

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Send Slack Notifications using Automations

You can now send Slack notifications using Splitbee Automations.

Find out more here:

Introducing weekly email reports

Receive a weekly Splitbee digest right to your inbox. It shows you the most important stats about last week.

Find out more:
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