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How can I target all pages in an automation?

Hi everyone, I'm trying to create an automation that will match any page visit and call a webhook, I see in the little selection box that it says: "create pattern"

but upon trying "/*" to target all pages that doesn't seem to work

Any help here?

Docs link for redirect A / B tests is broken

Add documentation for Render Proxy

I was able to get set up with Render rewrites using a comment that  Tobias Lins  made in a community question:

I was trying to use the Netlify instructions but since I had little experience with redirects it took me reading the answer to the community question to realize that I couldn't map a wild-card to a variable in Render

I would say that Render is pretty heavily used among Indiehackers (which is probably the majority of the people using splitbee) so it might be worth adding

Send events to a data warehouse

It would be nice if we could dump all the events we start collecting in Splitbee inside of a data warehouse (I personally like plain old postgres, but anything works really) which would allow for things like:

  • A custom dashboard for visualization & actions
  • Merging with other sources
  • Custom analysis
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